There’s not as much to report this week. Historiography was great as usual, Globalization and Performance sucked as usual, too. Here’s what happened in G & P that was so infuriating, but also really funny:

Heidi: Maybe in his article he is talking about [self] reflection, not transformation.
Prof: Stares at Heidi wide-eyed and nods her head. Long pause.
No, no. He is definitely talking about transformation. Turn to page 24. He writes, “Our objectives (at least the conscious ones) are to unleash the millennial demons, not to pontificate; to understand our new role as performance artists in this culture of extreme spectacle and to open up a … space for the audience to reflect on their new relationship with the Other.”

I kid you not.

Yesterday in Grad Forum the professor arranged for the director in the grad division responsible for fellowships and grants to speak to us. She gave us lots of information about money that’s out there. You know what, though? I found out that I’m ineligible for a lot of these because of my AGE. Doesn’t the fact that I look under 32 count???? On the other hand, I learned I’m very special in my own way. 🙂 She had us go around the table and tell her what our own situations were and I found out that I’m the only one receiving full departmental support. There are two others who have diversity fellowships, the three international students have support from their countries or an organization affiliated with their countries, one has a only couple of quarters of a research assistantship and two are paying completely out-of-pocket. I thought everyone had what I had and was surprised to find out differently. Yay for me!

As for the commute, I’m starting to get the hang of it. I’ve been staying at school until 8pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to do work and by then the traffic has mostly cleared up. Phew. It makes for long days though so it feels like the week just flies by.

Once again, there is no other news. This is a short blog this week. I’ve got lots of work to do plus have to make room for Dad’s birthday tomorrow and Tom’s on Monday (which were celebrating on Sunday).

And don’t forget to set your clocks back Saturday night. I can’t believe it’s November already.


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