Though I had much fun last weekend celebrating Tom’s birthday (and Dad’s, too), I didn’t carve out enough time for getting my own work done, and boy did I pay for it Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Those were long and exhausting days. Otherwise the week has been pretty standard so I don’t have much to report.

Because I was so tired after class on Tuesday I decided I would just brave traffic and go home. What a mistake. It took a half-hour just to get to Venice and Culver. I pulled over and did work in Starbucks for two and a half hours.

Wednesday, would you believe that my Globalization and Performance class was not as bad as it has been? Shocking, I know. I’m not sure why exactly. She was a little more dialogue-y and a lot of people were absent—the atmosphere felt less tense. Plus, we were discussing globalization and ethics, so the topic was really interesting. Still, don’t get me wrong—the class, overall, was still boring and long. And I also presented my project for the class, which she said was excellent. For my project I’m working on Alladeen again, the same production I wrote about for my thesis, so it kind of feels like I’m cheating. But I’m analyzing it from a global perspective using the articles we’ve read in class to form my theoretical framework, whereas in my thesis I looked at the production in terms of national and individual identities. So it’s not quite cheating. I think I’ll probably use that production a lot just because it’s so rich and complicated—lots of stuff to look at and untangle. Fun fun fun.

This week I found out the Spanish courses at UCLA meet everyday for one hour. There’s no way I can drive to school everyday—that would just wear me down completely. I’m feeling a little despondent about this and am not sure what to do. I’m toying with the idea of hiring a tutor next summer and devoting my entire summer to learning enough Spanish to pass the exam. What do you guys think? Thoughts, feedback and ideas are more than welcome.

Well, the quarter is halfway over. Only 11 and a half more quarters to go. 🙂


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  1. westside chapter of hrm fan club

    Somehow I missed your 10-22 entry. Just reading what you have to do was exhausting, but one day at a time! Also, as a language teacher I encourage you to listen to Spanish music and watch Spanish TV. There are telenovelas (soap operas)on in the afternoon and they speak fairly slowly. Get into them. It’s fun!

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