Obviously I completely let go of writing my blog this past month. Blame it all on the sinus infection. It set me back with my work and by the time I was better it was time to write my final paper. So I’ll just sum up the last few weeks as best I can. Thank god Globalization and Performance is over!! Actually, I have to be honest and admit that it got slightly better the last few weeks—some of the more annoying people withdrew from the class and once the prof’s mom was out of ICU she was more attentive. A little. The final paper I wrote for her was basically a re-working of part of my master’s theses on “Alladeen,” so I didn’t sweat blood over that one. However my paper for Historiography turned out really well and hope that I can turn it into an article for publication some day.

Here’s the story behind my paper: I wrote about the1916 mixed-media production of “Ramona.” When I began working on this I had an idea that I wanted to make some sort of connection between this production and emerging Southern California identity. When I went to Special Collections in the library to look at the original program from the production, the librarian informed me there was going to be a lecture there on “Ramona” on December 1st. On the invitation which the librarian gave to me was a description of the lecture–basically, it said it was being given by a scholar (Dydia Delyser) who recently wrote a book called “Ramona Memories: Tourism and the Shaping of Southern California.” It’s like it was fated for me to write this paper. I read her book and she essentially makes the connection between “Ramona” and identity that I felt was there but didn’t really know where to begin. Obviously, my work is a little different in that it focuses on one production, but her work greatly informs the argument in my paper. This has turned into a really exciting project for me and it’s possible that it could turn into a larger dissertation topic for me–though of course that’s still undecided.

Next quarter (which starts 1/9) I am taking Theatre and Transgression and a film theory seminar. Plus I get to be Sue-Ellen’s research assistant, which really means I’ll be her secretary. Fun fun fun! And at the end of the quarter we take our first set of oral exams. I’ve never had to take an oral exam before so I’m sure I’ll have to study lots and lots for them. And, the prof for the Theatre and Transgression class already assigned us work—we have to have one book read and a paper proposal ready for the first day of class. Blech. The reading for that class is very very heavy so next quarter I’m sure will be much more challenging than this one.

So that’s what’s going on with me school-wise. I’ll get back to blogging regularly next quarter, though probably not quite every week. ‘Till next year and Happy 2006!!



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  1. The HRM Fan Club

    Hi, Heidi! Finally, a quick response from me. I LOVE that you keep using Aladeen. What an awesome performance. I think about it all the time. I’d really like to read what you’ve written about it.

    Daily drives for language class are tough. But daily work is pretty important when you’re trying to learn a language. I love the idea of watching novelas and listening to music. My favorite thing is to read children’s books. But that’s just me.

    I’ll gladly speak to you en espanol as much as I can.

    Love you! (Te amo!)

  2. westside chapter of hrm fan club

    how interesting re: Ramona. You were going to email me your paper…te amo muchisimo tambien

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