Hello!! Nine weeks down, one more to go. Make that nine days to go. Not that I’m counting. I don’t even know where to begin…

How ’bout with classes? SEMINARS. Excuse me.

Theatre and Transgression. Actually, in less than one hour I will be sitting in on the very last meeting on this seminar. Thankfully! The many many many many texts we have read for this class have been extremely interesting and valuable for my work, however the theme of “transgression” is actually kind of circular and boring which then restricts the discussions in class (also restricting the conversations in class are the fill-in-the-blank questions posed by the prof. Insert eye roll here). The idea is that transgression simultaneously breaks and establishes limits. But those limits vary across cultures, societies, religions making the idea of transgression relative. The paper I’m writing for this class tracks the way film was used in conjunction with theatre in the past to effect social change in the audience. But, by using some of the theories that we’ve studied this quarter I argue that this may not have been effective because (and I’m simplifying this bigtime) film actually makes the viewer passive. Hopefully when I write the paper I can explain this better. The good thing is that I will probably use this or continue with this in my dissertation.

Contemporary Film Theory: Space and Place. This is not actually a “film theory” class but a class in which we apply contemporary theories of space and place to film. We saw lots of films (and still have one more) but I think my favorite was Dark City, a cheesy futuristic sci-fi flick that was totally fun to watch–I highly recommend for some silly, but interesting, fun. For this class I’m writing about the kind of space that is created at the intersection of live performance and film/video. Must of the writing out there on this subject has to do with how technology affects the body or the idea of “liveness” which is really just another way to talk about the body as a presence or an absence. Anyway, enough has been written about “the body” so I’m tackling it from the point of view of “space.” The three examples I use are a historical production by Piscator from the 1920s, Alladeen (yes, again) and the Rolling Stones concert Tom and I went to in November. I’m not sure what I’m going to say yet but hopefully it will be fun. At least for me and the professor reading it.

In addition to the above I had Grad Forum every other week, oral exams and the honor of being Sue-Ellen’s research assistant. For the oral exams I met with the other 1st years every Thursday for two hours going over everything we read in the fall quarter.
Thankfully, I passed the exam on March 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only was this a relief but it then freed me to start focusing on my papers. Being S-E’s assistant this quarter has been many things. Let’s just say colorful for now. In fact, the only reason I had time to right this blog was that S-E cancelled our three hour meeting today when I was about 3/4 of the way to campus.I have to go to class now, but maybe I can write another blog before the quarter ends on just how colorful that experience has been.

Miss you all and I’m so looking forward to coming up for air soon!!


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  1. westside chapter of hrm fan club

    you’re almost done! thank god you’ll have a chance to come up for air. hope to see you soon. proud as always–

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