From Yahoo: Entry for September 18, 2006
My schedule for the fall quarter had finally been set. I’m relieved to know what I will be doing and where I will be going for the next few months. To fix the Friday conflict, I came up with quite a few ideas, all of which were nixed by the professor and my advisor. My advisor even asked me, “Why would you do this?” Meaning, why am I determined to take this particular seminar. It’s [almost] unbelievable to me that these people who are paying me to go to school can be so unsupportive about what classes I take. But, I was lucky enough to have another, very kind, fellow TA to switch sections with me, and so I am able to take the Friday seminar.

This is my fall schedule:

Mondays: 1-2:50 Cluster Course 23A Lecture
2-4 Grad Forum (every other Monday)

Tuesdays: Work at home

Wednesdays: 1-2:50 Cluster Course 23A Lecture
3-5:50 TA 216A

Thursdays: 3-4:50 Cluster Course Discussion Section 1C

Fridays: 11-12:50 Cluster Course Discussion Section 1E
2-4:50 TA 216C


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