Finally, an update for my second year as a doctoral student.

Fall Quarter 2006

So fall quarter was busy because of having two theatre seminars—both very challenging and demanding. Both were in the theatre department, one was Representation and the other was on Phenomenology.

I did take a whirlwind trip to Portland to see Al Gore’s lecture and slide show on climate change. Not only was it excellent, but the crowd was wild to see him. I did write a paper on it for the Representation class, but I’m not sure if I will continue to for my dissertation.

For phenomenology I wrote about a show I saw at REDCAT, Wunderkabinet, which was not very good but provided a lot of material for me to write about. I wrote how its use of video was like an old curiosity cabinet. I also included The Museum of Jurassic Technology and the Griffith Observatory as types of curiosity cabinets as well.

Both were very large and substantial papers that I put a lot of effort into.

Additionally, this was the first year I had to have a teaching position. I was placed as a Teaching Fellow (the highest TA level, which is reflected in a higher salary as well!) in a year-long program called the GE Cluster Program for freshman. There are about 10 different clusters and each cluster takes an interdisciplinary approach to its topic. I was in the Performing Arts cluster, of course. In the fall and winter quarters 4 professors (from music, ethnomusicology, dance & theatre) teach a large lecture course and there are 4 Teaching Fellows who lead 7 discussion sections. In the spring quarter the Teaching Fellows and 2 additional professors create their own seminars and each have only about 18-20 students. The spring seminar is the payoff for the drudge work of the previous 2 quarters. I got to create my own syllabus from scratch!


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