Winter Quarter 2007

Winter was a bit easier in that I had one seminar and one independent study with SE. The seminar was both challenging and stimulating. I loved that the professor asked difficult questions and expected us to answer them. The class was on issues of nation making and theatre. For the independent study I did a lot of reading on space and digital media. I continued to have two discussion sections, though both of them were really small. That’s because I was the least popular TA—they thought I graded too hard. I’m glad I did—my work load with them was much easier.

I only had to write one paper. This time I wrote about The Builders Association’s latest production, Super Vision and how their use of video plays with notions of identity construction and surveillance. I also submitted a review of this to Theatre Journal—which I believe will be published in the December issue!!! I also presented a version of this paper at the Comparative Drama Conference on 3/29. It was my first conference so I was really nervous, but I think it went really well. But all of these two things happened during my spring break so it was very busy and I never got a real break.


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