Exam Update

Exam update

I have to take three written exams. I sit in a room for three hours each day and answer a question posed by committee members. Each question is based on one of the three areas I outlined in my prospectus: theories of performance, space/place and new media, 2oth century philosophical and performance experiments.

1st exam: Thurs, March 27, 11-2
2nd exam: Mon, April 1, 11-2
3rd exam: Tues, April 2, 11-2

Finally, once my committee reads my written exams and passes them, I have to take an oral exam. During the orals, the professor ask me questions, for clarification and to expand on what I wrote on my writtens, as well as in my prospectus. This is scheduled for Tues, April 7, 2-4 pm.

If I pass this, then I’m advanced to candidacy and “only” have to write my dissertation to get my Ph.D.


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