Our baby Elephant, Lenana

Last Christmas, Adana gave us a baby orphan elephant. Actually, she contributed, in our names, to the Elephant Orphans’ Project at a Wildlife Preserve in Kenya. Our baby elephant’s name is Lenana, isn’t that a great name? Every month we get an update on her life, along with a watercolor portrait of her. Here is the latest:

Lenana, March 2008

Isn’t she cute? What I’ve noticed the last couple of months is how much like Oatmeal she is. How, you might ask, is a big baby elephant anything like our little poodle, Oatmeal? First, Oatmeal does the same pose that Lenana’s doing in her portrait:

Second, Lenana’s frightened of everything. This is from the latest update:

This month, it has been un-friendly wild rhinos that have scared the Nursery elephants, as opposed to the lions. On two occasions wild rhinos have charged them and their Keepers, one occasion sending Lesanju’s group and the Keepers into a frantic retreat, and the other occasion charging the older elephants, when Lenana fled in disarray, losing control of her bowels on the way back to the safety of the Stockades. Lenana is much more fearful than Makena and Chyulu, scared of the appearance of any other animal, even the giraffe and the impala who are encountered regularly during sorties out into the bush to browse.

They must be soul mates…


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