Famous Seamus

I was over at my mom’s house yesterday getting the lowdown on how to take care of their garbage cans and spa while they’re on their amazing cruise. While there, Seamus wanted to show me how he likes to play with his tennis ball.

He actually runs after the ball when you throw it and brings it back to you. As an owner of a dog who is afraid of anything that rolls, watching Seamus play was a delight!

But sometimes he doesn’t bring the ball back to you. Instead, he likes to hog it to himself and roll on the ground with it.

This was pretty cool, he got into some unbelievable doggie-yoga positions. He’d roll on the ground for a while and then stand up when he was finished. But all you have to say is “Do it again, Seamus!” and he’ll go right back to it.

Yes, Seamus, you should be pleased with yourself. You’re almost the cutest dog ever!!


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