Let’s Go, Dodgers!

A couple of weeks ago Travelzoo’s weekly update listed $2 tickets to a Dodger game. Since Tom and I had been talking about going to a game, I decided to jump at the deal. I actually “splurged” and bought the $7 tickets. They ended up being good seats with a great view:

This was taken right before the game when some kids were allowed onto the field to get their baseball balls signed. I love the little boy with the shirt hanging all the way to the ground. He ran out on the field and then just stood there, looking very lost, it was definitely the cutest moment of the evening.

Anyway, we had so much fun. Tom, Mr. I Hate Sports, was like a little kid. He got really into the game–whooping and hollering and all that crazy stuff. Did you know that he collected baseball cards when he was a kid? Who knew??

The Dodgers started off the game right—the first hit was a home run! And in the fifth inning they had two more home runs. Another exciting moment was when someone’s bat splintered. I’d never seen that happen and it was pretty cool. I loved the music played–certain plays and players have their own songs. In many ways, it’s a scripted performance, so I appreciated it on that level. I also loved the guy walking up and down the stairs hawking cotton candy and Red Vines. Instead of saying the name of the items he had for sale, he simply shouted “Sugar!” which I thought was more to the point and honest, too. It certainly caught my attention, though I didn’t indulge.

Sadly, it was very cold and despite my turtleneck sweater and stealing Tom’s jacket, I was shivering. Jacketless Tom was also freezing so we left at the end of the 6th inning. We didn’t miss anything because the score when we left as the same as the final score (against The Mets, by the way): 5-1!!!

See you soon, Dodger Stadium….



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2 responses to “Let’s Go, Dodgers!

  1. Tom

    Next up: bowling!

  2. parentheticalstatement

    You guys are soooooooooo cute!

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