No More Dishes!!!

We bought a dishwasher!!!

Here’s the back story: Tom and I were eligible for the full tax rebate. Originally we were just going to put the money towards our debts for two reasons. First, we like paying off our debts and are on track to be debt-free next year (yay for that!). And second, I didn’t want to do anything that would help GWB’s economic stimulus package.


About a week before the rebates were scheduled to be paid out, I was listening to a radio program where people were calling in saying what they planned to do with their rebates. It then dawned on me that it might be good for us to use the money to help make our lives a little easier. Both Tom and I are really busy, we like cooking but doing dishes by hand every night takes anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half. It’s a huge chore that really takes time away from getting other chores done. So, we decided to splurge and do something nice for ourselves.

We had to reorganize the kitchen first, though. We moved the large table to Tom’s classroom and bought a new, smaller table from Ikea to go in its place.

We had to move the fridge about a foot, as well, which leaves plenty of room for the dishwasher. It has casters on it and rolls to the sink where it hooks up to the sink faucet.

Of course, nothing happens without problems, right? I ordered it from late Sunday night and they delivered it on Wednesday. However, the delivery guys just dropped it off and left before I could inspect it and when I opened the dishwasher door, I saw that the top rack was installed incorrectly. I tried to fix it myself and I could fix a few of the problems but I couldn’t get the track back on the rails. The earliest I could get Sears to return was on Sunday, which pissed me off. Luckily, Miguel, our fabulous handy man, came by this morning to help install the new faucet aerator we need to hook the dishwasher to the sink. I told him about the problem with the top rack and he fixed it! Yay for Miguel!!!!

So, as I’m writing this, my first load of dishes is being cleaned. What remains to be seen is how well it does its job and how Oatmeal deals with the new, scary, noisy thing in her space.


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