(Not) My Day

Although today was a lovely day, in fact quite memorable in some ways, it was one of those days where every little thing just seemed to go wrong. Okay, not every little thing, just some little things. But enough little things to feel like an inordinate amount.

The morning was relaxed and productive. I started out by making a batch of rolled oat breakfast cookies and then Tom’s lunch. After completing my daily sudoku puzzle, I began to do some reading for school. I had a bunch of articles to print out and, of course, I ran out of paper mid-print. Annoying, but not a huge deal. I had printed out enough to at least get started with my reading. After a couple of hours reading and grading I got ready for hanging out with Angie. Yay.

Angie came over and we left immediately for lunch at Heirloom Bakery & Cafe here in South Pas. After successfully parallel parking my car, we entered the cafe, picked out our sandwiches (I chose the turkey meatloaf sammie) and went to the counter to order. Then all of a sudden in dawned on me that I had forgotten my wallet. Oops. Especially since lunch was supposed to be my treat. Back to the car, back home and up the stairs, I grabbed my wallet and was on the road again in no time. Even got the same parking spot. Got to the counter, ordered my sammie only to hear they were out of meatloaf. Anyway…we both ended up ordering the same thing–smoked turkey and brie on pumpkin seed bread. Deeelicious! Will have to try the meatloaf another time.

After lunch, we browsed in a few small shops in the area, came back to my house and played Scene It! However, every time I had a “my play” (where you watch a clip on DVD and then answer a question afterwards) I kept thinking it was Angie’s turn and I forgot to pay attention to the clip. Duh….

Then, Adana and Arthur came over! She had been cooking with her friend Angela who lives nearby, so she popped over for a few minutes. Lucky me, she brought me one of Angela’s homemade scones with a dollop of Devon cream. What a treat!!

After they both left, I did a little cooking. I made home made snack bars (dates, oats, almonds and a little bit of coconut) and a tuna noodle casserole.

I just realized I should have been taking pictures of all of today’s yummy food.

And then my final lame move of the evening involved my new dishwasher. I ran the dishwasher around 7pm and when I went to empty it around 9pm, I saw that the dishes were still dirty and the detergent was clumped at the bottom. My heart sunk that my new dishwasher was already broken. But oh, what a lame-o I am. I forgot to turn the water on. No water = dirty dishes. At least it’s not broken. No wonder it sounded so quiet. Double-duh.

But, all in all, a lovely day. Tom and I watched Sweeney Todd–very gory and very Tim Burton. Good, but not amazing. Though I love watching Johnny Depp, I’m pretty sure I’ll never see this a second time.


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  1. mdraeger

    This post made me hungry! I had to make a turkey meatloaf for dinner tonight because I couldn’t get it out of my head. 😀

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