Couch-to-5k, Redux

I’ve been having a lot of trouble returning to healthy eating and exercising. I lost all motivation and ability to stay on track while studying for exams. I gained back all of my weight and am really embarrassed about it. I’m hoping that this semi-public pronouncement will help me get back on track.

Today I began week 1, workout 1 of the Couch-to-5k program. Last summer I successfully completed the program, but soon after I ended up with terrible shin splints which made it extremely painful just to walk. So I stopped. So how is this time going to be any different than last time? Well, last time I only stretched upon finishing the workout, now I’m going to stretch as soon as I’ve warmed up with walking. I’m also going to take longer to finish the program—last time, I think that I jogged too much too soon and although my heart could handle it, I hadn’t built up enough strength. Finally, I’m going to buy an aqua jogger kit, so that I can jog in the pool if I feel like I’m starting to get an injury.

Today’s workout went better than expected. I wasn’t gasping for air and I did the entire set. Also different this time is that I have a heart rate monitor, so I was able to keep track and not push myself too hard. I felt really good afterwards, and it just reminds me (though why I need so many reminders is beyond me) that exercise is imperative to my mental health, especially now that I’m off my meds while trying to get pregnant.

Yay for me!



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2 responses to “Couch-to-5k, Redux

  1. mdraeger

    Yay for you! Let me know if you need any extra cheerleading (or good calf stretches, as I too am prone to shin-splints… )

    The aqua jogger kit is a good idea – it’s super boring, but a REALLY good workout.

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