Barefoot…but not pregnant

I’m also going to blog about trying to get pregnant.


That sounds a little racy, yes?

What I mean is, I’d like to both keep all of you in the loop of what’s going on, while also creating a history for myself. T.’s surgery last October seemed to go well and within a few weeks he already had a normal sperm count. But every month since then his count has been low. He took two rounds of steroids, the hope was that the steroids would open up the flow, as it were. But nothing changed. Next, he took an antibiotic because the doctor thought there was an infection. But that didn’t help either.

So now we’re at a crossroads. Do we go for IVF or adoption? Either is really expensive, which is the major roadblock for us. In fact, it’s the only impediment. We’re just getting out of debt and I really don’t want to go into debt again. So I just don’t know what we’re going to do…

Feeling very sad about this whole situation…


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  1. Tom

    We will make this happen, Heidi.

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