The Observatory, and then some…

Since the seminar I’m teaching is called Performance, Science and Technology, it seemed only natural that I take my class to the one of my all-time favorite places: The Griffith Observatory.

I also thought it would be good to bring Kylie so that she could hang out with some real, live UCLA freshman and pick their brains about what they did to get into UCLA. But before we even got to UCLA, we had lunch at Empress Pavilion. It was Kylie’s first dim sum experience and I think she really liked it.

Once we got to campus, the bus that was supposed to be there for us was no where to be found. After making a few phone calls and waiting an extra 20 minutes, we were finally under way. Unfortunately, our bus driver got lost just finding the freeway on-ramp, and the rest of the trip to the Observatory went just as poorly.

We finally arrived with enough time to tour the Observatory and see the planetarium show. Because it was a kind of slow day, all the people working there were eager to educate us. This nice man gave us a meteorite to hold and it was super-heavy (because it’s mostly iron).

We also hung out with Albert Einstein, kickin’ back in the basement of the Observatory.

And later we all jumped up and down next to the seismometer so that we could make an “earthquake” that would show up on the seismograph. And we also weighed ourselves to find out how much we weigh on the different planets–Mercury won because we each only weighed about 20-30 pounds. Go Mercury!!! Kylie also lucked out because she has a report due on solar eclipses on Monday and there was a whole exhibit dedicated to eclipses.

All in all, (crappy bus driver not-withstanding) it was a really fun day. See, this photo was taken at the end of the day and we’re all still smiling.

My fabulous students are (bottom, left to right) Iris, Katie, Melissa, Wendy, Susanna, Olivia; (middle, left to right) Conor, Dennis, Jennifer (friend of Ana Paula), Kimi, Diana, Morgan, Lauren; (top, left to right) Ana Paula (another TA and friend) and me. Missing from the photo are Anna and her boyfriend, Roscoe and Cherese and her mom. And Kylie, who was off getting Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and a drink.

Afterwards, Kylie and I drove back to South Pas where Andy, Tanner, and Matthew were waiting to take Kylie home. We went out to dinner together and hung out back at our apartment for a little while. All in all, a very good day.


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One response to “The Observatory, and then some…

  1. lipstickprophet

    Looks like you guys had a great time! [Sans the bus incident]

    p.s. yum, yum to dim sum!

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