Educate, Don’t Terminate!

Yesterday, Tom and I (and Oatie, too, of course) went to a rally to save our schools in South Pasadena sponsored by the local PTA. The goal was to call attention to the budget cuts and the constant scrambling the schools have to suffer through every year. The plan of the rally was to meet at Garfield Park and walk to the school district parking lot, about 1/2 mile.

One of the goals of the rally was to hold the Governator accountable for his part in this year’s budget problems. But who knew kids wearing an Arnold mask would be so freaky?

What was very cool was that in this sleepy town, there were a lot of people out there rallying for the schools–our march took up two city blocks! Once we got to the school district headquarters, we found some shade and enjoyed the music provided by the Grateful Dads. Even better were the kids dancing to all of the songs, especially the boy whose interpretive dance skills were amazing. Really, I’m not making fun of this kid. He was up there song after song after song, moving around, totally un-self-consciously. He truly impressed me!

And finally, local celebrity, Sandra Tsing Loh came out to lend her support. She’s leading a rally to Sacramento on June 17th and was trying to recruit us to come. (Yes, that’s Howard Jarvis on her poster).

She said that if South Pasadena is out on the streets trying to save our schools then a revolution is about to begin. I don’t know about a revolution, but I agree, if South Pas is out on the streets, something unusual is happening. It certainly felt good to be outside, marching for a cause I believe in and making my voice heard. Or at least louder than usual. 😉


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  1. lipstickprophet

    The real Governator is creepy enough!!

    It’s great to see South Pas come together like that and support each other.

    P.S. Great capture of interpretive dance kid!

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