Week in Review

It’s been a relatively quiet week. Tom and I both are winding down our school years, which means we’re still busy but the end is near!! He had open house last Wednesday, which until I married him, I had no idea how much effort teachers put into readying their rooms.

I saw a production of 1001 at the Boston Court because one of my professors (and now I’d call her a friend), Shelley, was on a panel after the performance so she gave me and Julian free tickets to go see her. I was psyched that it was in Pasadena and I didn’t have to drive to UCLA! The best part was just hanging out with Julian and Shelley after the show, we went to Carrows and chatted until 1:30am. I never go out that late anymore, so clearly the time just flew by. It was nice just talking with them about things that have nothing to do with academics.

Friday, Monica and I saw a matinee of Sex and the City, and I have to say that I really liked it. It was hilarious and touching, though not usually at the same time, and an all around good time. I drove out to Monica’s neck of the woods–Claremont–because every time we hang out she’s always kind enough to come to me. But we went to the lovely new Laemmle in downtown Claremont which is part of a new development there. We stayed there after the movie to have a coffee and analyze the movie. I’m bummed I forgot my camera because there was this cool water fountain/sculpture thing-y that I wanted to blog about. I guess I’ll have to go back.

Anyway, next week is week 10 for me, which means this is the last week I have to drive to UCLA on a regular basis for the next 3-4 months (maybe longer–keep your fingers crossed)!!! I’m going to miss my class that I teach–I’ve had about 10 of them all year and I’ve come to know them, so it’ll be sad to see them go. But otherwise, I’m glad that the quarter and all that goes with it comes to an end soon. Yes, I’ll have grading to do, but I can do that from home.

And we decided not to adopt a dog right now. With trying to save money and concentrate on my dissertation, this welcome distraction might be way too distracting. We’ll give it some more thought.


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  1. Thank you so much for making the trek out to see me! I know it’s been said before, but I had a great afternoon. Any time you want to come back and photograph the fountain, I’m up for socializin’!

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