The Malti-Poo

I stopped into our local pet store to pick up canned food for Oatmeal and I found this precious little thing.

Now, I know all the extremely valid reasons not to buy from a pet store. After all, Oatmeal is the perfect example of how horrible puppy mills are. With that said, I could hardly resist just holding this little fur ball. He was in a cage with two others–one was too aggressive and the other was too uninterested. He was perfectly sweet but not at all aggressive. I asked if I could hold him and they let me carry him around for quite some time. He snuggled into me and every once in a while he’d look up at me and lick my chin. So so very sweet. But at $995 plus the cost of neutering, he’s way out of my league.

But isn’t he just adorable???


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