Kylie’s Graduation

This post is for Kylie who graduated from middle school today!!

There’s not much to write about a middle school graduation, except that it was relatively painless (we were there only for one hour) and they released doves at the end. I thought that was a little weird. It might have made more metaphorical sense if they had kept the doves in the cage and driven them over to the high school, right??

Still, congratulations to Kylie who’s almost all grown up!



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2 responses to “Kylie’s Graduation

  1. parentheticalstatement

    Your dove metaphor is much more appropriate. Especially if after they drove them to the high school, the other doves gave them a hard time for being freshmen. 🙂

    Congratulations to Kylie! She looks so pretty in her graduation dress!


  2. Rob

    You’re right, doves at a middle school graduation do sound really weird. We never had any graduations before the big one at my school. They just advanced us without fanfare. Looking back I’m kind of glad, it made “Graduation” a bigger deal I suppose.

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