Roscoe loves Oatmeal

It’s been three days since we’ve brought Roscoe home and what a little adventure it’s been. We’ve established a routine that seems to please both him and Oatmeal. Roscoe stays in his crate for about an hour and then we let him out for about 20 minutes (though sometimes it stretches to as much as 40 minutes). I take him into the bathroom immediately where I have put his pad, water and food. Can you believe the little guy is already going on his pad?? Of course, he still has his accidents but I really couldn’t ask for better progress after such a short time.

After he’s done in the bathroom I let him into the living room to play. He loves Oatmeal so much and he tries to play with her. She is learning to handle this to the best of her ability–she knows she can jump on the couch to get away from him, though sometimes she snaps at him, which is fine. At least she’s setting her boundaries. Sometimes they end up on the couch at the same time and you can see how much Oatmeal likes that.

Poor Oatmeal is not having the best time. When he’s out of the crate she seems worried and sad, though she does still know she can come to me for comfort. When we put him back in the crate, she relaxes and seems happier and she gets tons of affection and attention from me and Tom, when he’s home. She’s not acting as fearfully as I imagined, so I hope that, with time, she’ll learn to relax around the little bean.

When he’s not trying to play with Oatmeal, he loves to play with this toy. It’s especially cute when he drags it around the apartment with him, especially because it’s at least three times his length.

And here he is just being his adorable, 3.5 pound self.


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  1. lipstickprophet

    He’s sooooo adorable!!! I hope I get better fast so I can meet him soon!

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