Living with Roscoe

The last 10 days have mostly been about adjusting to life with Roscoe and figuring out how to go about our daily lives while incorporating him into our household.

As challenging as it’s been for me and Tom, poor Oatmeal is having the most difficult time. The first few days found Oatmeal staying as far away from Roscoe as possible. Luckily, she can jump on the couches and bed but he can’t, so she could easily find a safe haven. However, by last Thursday she got extremely stressed out–maybe it started to sink in that he wasn’t going away and that her life had changed. She would not settle down Thursday and Friday night so we got very little sleep those nights trying to calm her down. Someone recommended that we give her Rescue Remedy and it seems to be working, though I’m still catching up on my own sleep.

And just yesterday, Oatmeal decided to let Roscoe know that she is the alpha dog (of the two of them). It was amazing to watch because I’ve never seen her behave like that–she actually chased Roscoe around, while issuing a very guttural sounding growl, and backed him into a corner. He rolled on his back and looked really scared while basically she yelled at him. Soon it was over, Roscoe was back to being a happy puppy and Oatmeal was back to relaxing on the couch. Both Tom and I think it’s good that Oatmeal’s asserting herself and that Roscoe is learning his place.

On Monday I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get any work done, but by yesterday I’ve found a rhythm and know that I can work while dealing with the little guy. He mostly pees on his pad now so I don’t have to watch his every step anymore. He’s still learning about pooping on his pad; that takes longer to teach him I suppose because he doesn’t do it as often. But he seems pretty smart and will learn it soon enough.

So here are some pix from the last week…

Apparently he wants to cook, because he can’t leave this apron alone. 🙂

He’s also had a lot of visitors– my mom, Angie and Monica, though I only remembered to take pictures when Angie was here.

And here are Oatmeal and Roscoe coexisting together, though you can see that Oatmeal is not very happy.

I really hope that she will, eventually, relax more and know that she is loved and that everything is okay. ‘Cuz I’d like to get more pictures like this:


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One response to “Living with Roscoe

  1. mdraeger

    I’m no dog expert, but I think it’s a really good sign that she’s asserting herself with him. I can’t even imagine the Oatmeal I first me doing that!

    And that last picture is RIDICULOUS! 😀

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