Fourth of July

We spent a mellow Fourth of July at my mom’s with Andy and the kids. Mike barbecued delicious steaks and we ended the day with a game of Scrabble. And I made a fruit flag. At least, that’s what I’m calling it.

And when we got home we watched the firework show they do every year at the high school from our balcony.

However, I’ll always remember the day for some of the things that the kids said…

“You’re whole Jewish, dad? You don’t even have a harmonica!”

“When women get their periods they put coupons up their butt.”

During a conversation about cloning, one of them said said, “Why do you want clone…it’s for guysssssssss.”

Points given for figuring out what they meant and extra points if you can guess which kid said what! 🙂



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4 responses to “Fourth of July

  1. lipstickprophet

    lol @ the “harmonica” comment.
    so, ok…
    1- ‘harmonica’ should obviously be ‘yarmulke’. Kylie perhaps? Maybe Matthew?
    2- switch ‘coupons’ for ‘tampons’. Tanner?
    3- Not sure what was meant by, “clone… it’s for guyssss.” but I’m guessing either Matthew or Tanner.

    How’d I do??

  2. lipstickprophet

    p.s. That fruit flag looks yummy! [and honestly, thank god I re-read this before I submitted it. A very important word almost got sent without it’s very important “L”.] haha

  3. *ROFL* at comment #2 – it’s like a sequel to my earlier favorite comment by one of your nephews. Heeheehee!

  4. crazyoatie

    1. Actually, she meant to say “menorah.” She being Kylie, of course.
    2. You got it–tampons and Tanner.
    3.This one took a while for us to get even as he was saying it. He, Tanner, understood “clone” to mean “cologne.” It’s for guys, right??

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