Suddenly, I’m a Collector!

Monica got me two extremely adorable frames shaped like purses for my birthday. Each frame has a photo from our little bachelorette party. This first one was taken at Club Libby Lu after our “makeovers.”

This photo was taken at The Raymond while still wearing our Libby Lu hairdos. As you can see, no one was more dressed up than we were at this fancy restaurant. And yes, we were treated like royalty. 😉

So…what does this have to do with me suddenly becoming a collector? Because now these two frames are keeping company with the purse frame Michelle bought me years ago (to commemorate the time when we both lived in NYC and were always on the hunt for the perfect bag)…

What a truly unique collection!


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One response to “Suddenly, I’m a Collector!

  1. lipstickprophet

    Those are so pretty!! And I like that I can see your reflection, and then your cameras reflection in a couple of the pictures. Hehe.

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