What I write about

Michelle blogged about a new web application and now I’ve been sucked in to the world of Wordle. Wordle creates word clouds made from text–documents, web pages, blogs etc… Although quite fun to use because you can control the design, I’m not quite addicted yet. I think it will be good to use on each paper or chapter that I write because I can make sure the words and themes I most want to use are actually the most prominent.

My word cloud for this blog…

I think that Wordle only uses the words on the page, not from the entire blog history, so that’s a little disappointing. Also, I think it reads “Oatmeal” as not being a proper noun, so even though Oatmeal’s name appears more than Roscoe’s, his name is a bit more prominent. But, whatever. It’s still cool.

And here is the word cloud for the chapter I’m currently working on…

Now you can know what I’m writing about without having to actually read it. Yay!!


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