Heidi: So Tom, how do you feel about experiencing your first earthquake?

Tom: Woohoo!

…..Alrighty, then. How lucky are we that Tom’s first earthquake was large enough to be truly felt, yet small enough to be harmless? The doggies were remarkably calm, as was Tom. I was probably the most concerned of us all because it kept going and I know that the longer it is the larger the earthquake. But nothing fell down except for a card.

A good reminder to update all our emergency supplies, etc…

Off to Denver tomorrow for ATHE


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One response to “Woohoo!

  1. Awwww, was it really Tom’s first earthquake? How cute! I’m glad that it wasn’t wimpy, but super-glad it wasn’t apocalyptic either. Yay for happy mediums! I’m surprised that the dogs took it in stride; I came home to find Jack with a perpetual mohawk, lurking from corner to corner, poor thing. 😉

    Have an excellent conference – I’ll see ya when you get back!

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