7/30 Conference Day 1

I arrived at LAX 1.5 hours before my flight’s departure time, as recommended on Southwest’s website. Even with this early arrival I barely made it to my gate on time. It’s hard to believe that arriving at 4:50 for a 6:20 flight would not be ample time, but I have truly never waited in longer lines at the airport before. I’ve been hearing that travel will get worse this summer because of fewer flights with more travelers—I guess longer lines are a side effect of this change. Still, I thought that Southwest, which is unique among the airlines due to its continued expansion, would not have these problems, at least not to this agree. So, travelers, be forewarned (especially those who are checking bags)… 2 hours is the new 1.5 hours.

Luckily I made it onto my flight and even got an aisle seat. The flight was uneventful and went be swiftly. I was too pumped up to fall asleep, which I’ve been paying for all day. Arrived in Denver at 9:30 and it was already hot. For some reason I’ve always imagined that Denver was temperate because it’s so high up, but it was 97 degrees today. The landscape, at least between the airport and the outskirts of the city, is desert. It looks a lot like California, but when you get to downtown it’s a much more vibrant and alive scene.

I arrived at the Hyatt Regency well before check in and was lucky enough to get a room right then. At least then I could relax and get ready for the rest of the day. By the way, Priceline rocks. I got this room for $70/night. Can’t beat that deal. Here are pictures of my room and the view I had.

Also, I loved that my room had this alarm clock which I could hook up my iPod to. That was very cool. (Sorry for the crappy pix–I only had my camera phone with me the entire trip.)

Then I headed over to the Performance Studies Focus Group (PSFG) Pre-Conference at the other Hyatt only two blocks away. Check out the deli in the lobby of the conference center.

Yep. Heidi’s deli. And apparently it’s a chain.

The first event for me was the Mixed Media Working Group. This was for any one doing work on (or just interested in) mixed media performance. This already is one of the highlights of my trip because I got to meet Jennifer Parker-Starbuck, a scholar whose work has been important to my own. I read her dissertation while I was working on my MA and her insight on multimedia performance helped me so much. I’m so glad I got to meet her! Also, Jason, a former classmate of mine who graduated a couple of years ago and now is working at Washington State University, was in the same group as me. It’s inspiring to see someone I know who has similar research interests settled into a good job.

After a brief break I attended the PSFG panel. But by then I was so tired from traveling and not getting enough sleep that I barely made it through the 1.5 hours. However it was very interesting and I’m glad I went.


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