8/2–Conference Day 4

Conference stuff: My panel was at 8:30am but it went really well. It was a roundtable about teaching and researching in the digital age. I was the most technologically advanced of anyone on the panel, so I offered the “digital does not equal bad” part of the discussion. Then I went to my friend’s (the one from last year’s MRG retreat) panel to see her paper. Her work is on drag shows done in the military during WWII–very very interesting.

Then I took a long long break and walked around the Civic Center area. But as I was walking there, someone offered me a bottle of hotel hand lotion. Um, no thanks.

So the rest is mostly pictures, many of them not so great.

Seal sculpture/fountain. This was in the Civic Center park and I thought it was oddly placed.

Then I walked to State Capitol, which has a beautiful golden dome. When I arrived, there was both a nuclear arms protest and a photo shoot of a man in really bad drag.

Also, there was a Christmas Tree planted on the lawn, which seemed very lonely (and out of place).

Just a block away was the Denver art museum which had very odd architecture. Basically, there were three buildings with wildly different architecture linked together. One building is reminiscent of Disney Hall while another looked like a medieval fortress.

Can you believe that the above building and the one below are part of the same structure??

But there was a lot of interesting public art around the area…

And the Public library was just across from the museum. This was attached to the library, though I could ot figure out what it was for.

More art…

Yes, the horse is standing on the chair.

And I strolled by an actual, working U.S. Mint.

I’m including this picture because the tall building in the background is my hotel, to give you a sense of my location.

And as I was walking back to my hotel, I came upon this little event the fire and rescue community was having.

The kids were using hoses to put out “fires.” I’m not sure what the kids were supposed to learn from this except for putting out fires is fun.

But of course, I went to one more conference event–another panel on pedagogy and new media. It was interesting but I was pretty burnt out by then and ready to come home. I did go up to the top floor of my hotel to their bar to watch the sunset over the Rockies, which was pretty beautiful.


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