8/3–Conference Day 5

So, as you can imagine, I was ready to come home and was basically done with this conference. But I persevered and attended one more panel on how to publish an article. And it turned out to be a very beneficial panel. The editors of some major journals were there and they told us wheat they were looking for, why articles get rejected, and all sorts of other juicy tidbits like that. I also found out that Theatre Journal is doing a special issue on digital media and the deadline for submissions is next March–so yay for that!!

After the panel, it was time to pack up and head towards the airport. But on my walk back to the hotel I walked passed a couple just in time to hear the man say, “my face.” The woman corrected him by saying, “MySpace.” I giggled to myself as the man replied, “MySpace….whatever…” There’s something about “MyFace” that just exposes the silliness of both names.   🙂

I’ll leave you with this final image. As you may know, Denver will be hosting the DNC in a couple of weeks and every where you turned there was some image or item relating to the convention. This was my favorite, a tee shirt sold in the gift shop in the lobby of my hotel…


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