It only took five years…

It only recently occurred to me that if we moved the large bookshelf (the one with all the white CD boxes) out of the living room, there would be enough room for us to sit down out the table and eat like normal human beings.

And that’s precisely what we did on Tuesday.

We moved the bookshelf and placed it right next to the other one in the bedroom (it doesn’t look so great in terms of design, but the improvement in the living room is so great that I don’t care!). The yellow chair got moved back from where it had been originally, to its corner under the pictures in the living room, and all the scrapbooking stuff that was in that corner has been dispersed throughout the apartment. And so we have this:

We can actually eat our meals at this table! There is even a leaf that can be pulled out–I’ve already used it this way to spread out while scrapbooking.

I know it’s a little thing, but it’s already made an impact in our daily lives.

Can you believe we’ve lived here for five years???


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