Doggie Pix

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about Roscoe and Oatmeal. We’ve now had Roscoe for 2.5 months and he’s almost doubled in size.  He’s still a happy and loving puppy who, even though he’s a bit willful, still likes to please. He’s good about going on his pad, can stay in his crate pretty much through the night and is learning how to sit, stay and come. He loves to climb on the back of the couch so that he can watch the world through the windows. He loves to play with Oatmeal (and any other dog who he can goad into playing with him, like Seamus) and with all of his toys.

This picture was taken of them a couple of weeks ago. Sorry for the blur, but you get a better sense of how much Roscoe’s grown.

Also, his head looks really big right now because he needs a haircut. And here he is just being cute (also from a couple of weeks ago):

And these were taken a few days ago…

And yesterday we were at my Mom’s where Roscoe had a ball playing outside, playing with Seamus’s toys and play fighting with Seamus. These are a couple of worn out doggies:

And a couple more cute shots…

So that’s the little guy–he’s growing up so fast! By the way, don’t let the lack of Oatie pictures fool you into thinking that we are neglecting her. Far from it–Oatie is still the baby, while Roscoe is the puppy. Besides, Oatie hates to have her picture taken–as soon as the camera turns on, she runs to hide from it.


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