Crossing things off the list!

We met with Dr. Evans Monday of the previous week (9/15) and by tomorrow morning we will be through will all of the tests and screenings we needed to do before we can begin the first IVF cycle.

Yesterday I had the SHG and mock transfer.  The whole thing took maybe 20 minutes. The mock transfer was first and took maybe two or three minutes. The SHG felt weird–they stuck a catheter in me and then shot a saline solution into my uterus.  They do that so they can see your uterine cavity. She took pictures from a bunch of angles and in only one shot did one of the fibroids slightly push into the uterine cavity. She told me that I could have it taken out or that I could just go ahead with the first IVF cycle to see what happens. She told me that she’s 90% happy with my uterine cavity (what a funny thing to say when you think about it) and that she’s had women get pregnant who’ve had fibroids like mine. Tom and I agree that we should go forward without the surgery (which, by the way, would be a full blown surgery with a hospital stay and a 3-4 month recovery time). Also, she thinks that because I’m not infertile that my chances of getting pregnant are slightly higher, about 50%, so she recommends that we go for the two cycle plan.

I had my very first mammogram this morning at the UCLA Medical Center. It was also my first time getting a referral for a service outside of the the Ashe Center on campus. It was uncomfortable and weird, but not terrible. The tech, Cecilia, was really nice and tried to make me as comfortable as possible, which I appreciated.

Tom finally got all of his blood tests authorized and so is going to Kaiser tomorrow morning to get them done. I’m so excited that we’ve been able to get all of our tests done so quickly!

Hopefully we’ll have all the results in by the end of next week and we’ll be able to start our IVF cycle with my next period, around Oct. 17. Wow.



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3 responses to “Crossing things off the list!

  1. Hi, WOW, I’m really impressed….We pray that everything will proceed
    as expecting & will be successful outcome. Thanks for including us
    in the blogs. Love you both very much !!!!!! Gram & Gramps.xoxo
    P.S. I had fibroids before I had babies ( all of them) & afterward
    Never had to do anything. OB Dr. said, “wait till menopause & they
    will shrink”. He was absolutely correct with his advice…..

  2. Thanks, Gram! Do you know if your fibroids were pushing into your uterine cavity? Love you,

  3. Dear Heidi
    Hi, I don’t know or remember, just that the Dr. told me not to worry & I think that when I got pregnant with Aud & had her at 35…….Then the fibroids became larger & at age 40 I had a D&C & then advised to just check yearly. Then at 48, I was in peri-menopause. By the time I was 53, I was finished & the fibroids “shrunk” to almost nothing…as did everything else in “there”!!!

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