Dialing for change

Today Tom and I made phone calls to voters in Nevada in support of Barack Obama. We went to a local campaign coordination site where we were given a list of voter names and their phone numbers, along with a script. Our primary goal was to encourage people to take advantage of the early voting that started there today, but mostly we left a lot of messages.  We each made about 50 phone calls– it felt weird at first but it got easier after a while.

I spoke with two actual Republicans (very cordial, I must admit) and, Gary, a retired fireman from LAFD. Gary and I chatted for a number of minutes–he’s Independent but supports Obama. While he likes Palin and McCain, he thinks Obama is very intelligent and articulate and so will make a better President. He also liked Hillary a lot and doesn’t like the dirty tricks the Republicans play, etc… I hope there are a lot of Garys out there.

Sadly, some women left two messages (thanks to Caller ID) on my voicemail telling me never to call her again. She hates Obama, he’s a liar, inexperienced, and all that other crap. She didn’t bother leaving her number (and her number didn’t show up on my phone), so she won’t get taken off the list. Smart lady, really smart.

I think we’re going to do some more calling again next week.


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  1. Meg

    Awesome. Good for you guys, making calls for the cause. Crazy people out there, aren’t there? Scary crazy people.

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