Ready, set…

After a frustrating delay I finally got my period yesterday, which means I start taking a birth control pill tomorrow. This morning Cynthia, the nurse coordinator at HRC, sent me our tentative calendar:

I start injecting hormones on 11/11 and then have lots of ultrasounds and blood work during the following three weeks. The egg and sperm retrievals will be on 12/1 and the embryo transfer will be on 12/4. I am surprised about the days of prescribed bed rest. I’m supposed to have 24 hours of bed rest  after the retrieval and 48 hours of bed rest after the transfer. I  thought I’d just have to take it easy after the transfer, not be bed ridden for 2 days, but I’m happy to comply. It’s the last week of classes so I’m going to have to work something out with my other TA’s to cover for me.

It’s starting to feel real and I’m excited, but I have to remind myself that pregnancy is a possible, not a definitive, outcome of this process.

I’ve been doing a little bit of research and I found a study that shows that women who keep distracted during the process are more likely to get pregnant, more so than for women who constantly share their feelings. So, with that in mind…please send me your favorite book/movie/tv show recommendations. Escapism will be the name of the entertainment game for the next couple of months, so please share with me your guilty pleasures, books to take to the beach, etc… It’s all for a good cause!


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