Friday’s poke and prod

We arrived at 9:20 for my 9:30 appointment only to see our nurse running the whole show–checking people in and calling people back in addition to all of her usual activities. We knew we were in for a wait, so we settled down to a nice Us magazine. After about a half hour, Cynthia called me back to a room and told us it would be a few minutes. Once I got settled onto the exam table, Tom and I got in a few rounds of “I spy” and then, voila!, Dr. Evans arrived.

I told her how I’ve been feeling–tired, full, bloated and a little tender on my left side. She said “Perfect!” It means my ovaries are growing and that I’m doing just as I should be. The reason I’m a little tender on my left side is that my left ovary is starting to push a little bit into my intestines.  I could see immediately on the ultrasound how large my ovaries are getting and how much the follicles have grown. So far I have about 11 follicles that should be large enough to have mature eggs in them, maybe more.

After my ultrasound, I had my blood drawn. Usually this is done by the crack team of lab workers, but the only ones there today were Cynthia and another nurse who only does the surgeries and procedures but got drafted into doing blood work. I knew this would not bode well for me as I’m not an easy stick, which I told her right away. She spent a lot of time searching for a good vein before poking me. Unfortunately, the well was dry at the first site and the second poke was really painful, but at least it was successful. So that part wasn’t fun at all, but whatcha gonna do?

I have another ultrasound on Sunday morning and we’ll know then if the transfer will be on Tuesday or Wednesday.


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