Sunday’s poke and prod

Sunday morning was surprisingly busy at HRC. Fortunately, they were almost fully staffed and the usual woman (Natalie) who takes my blood was there–only one stick for my blood work this time!

The ultrasound took a little longer as the follicles are getting pretty large and take longer for her to measure them. Dr. Evans said everything looks very good. She thinks by tomorrow I will have five mature eggs, but she wants me to come in for another ultrasound and more blood work tomorrow to see if I’ll be ready on Tuesday or Wednesday for the retrieval. I guess it just depends on how quickly the eggs mature.

Before she left, though, she told me to drink Gatorade and Powerade for the electrolytes. I didn’t quite understand why but it has to do with preventing OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome). Then, just a few minutes ago, the doctor’s office called to make adjustments to tonight’s injections. I’m to take 225 IU of Follistim (I’ve been doing 300), not take any Menopur but take the same amount of Lupron. I’ll find out tomorrow why the change, but I’m guessing between what she saw and my E2 numbers that I she’s trying to make sure I don’t hyperstimulate.

So, how do I feel? My ovaries are getting really big and they’re causing more discomfort in my left side. Plus, I have a cold so yesterday I felt pretty miserable. But I’m already starting to feel better so I’ll get over it soon enough. Tomorrow’s appointment is at 11:15 so I’ll know even more then. And now I know what blue-flavored Gatorade tastes like.


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  1. Adana

    *Hugs for Heidi*

    I’m so glad the regular vampire was there today!

    This is so exciting! And incredibly technical.

    Love you,

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