Thursday’s the day!

After today’s poke and prod, Dr. Evans told me that I would be called later in the afternoon to inform me if the egg retrieval will be on Wednesday or Thursday. They try to achieve a balancing act of allowing my eggs long enough to mature without my E2 levels going too high. The call just came a few minutes ago and I guess I have some room for another day so we’re set for Thursday!

Cynthia went over all of the instructions for the next few days…
Tonight’s the last night of the Follistim and Lupron. Tomorrow, Tom has to give me the hcg at 10:30pm; that will be my first intramuscular shot, so wish us luck on that! Then on Wednesday I begin taking two doxycycline a day for five days. I also can’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight. And the appointment is set for 9:00 am on Thursday, 12/4.

This means the embryo transfer will be on Sunday, 12/7. The good news for that is now I can go to Roscoe’s graduation on Saturday. 🙂

Now, let’s hope everything goes according to plan!!

PS: I just discovered some short videos of my doctor on the HRC website. Feel free to look at them if your curious about her.


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  1. Gram & Gramps

    Dear Heidi &Tom……GOOD WORK !!
    You wouldn’t believe how excited we are. I’m actually crying from reading your email. I wanted so much to call you yesterday & today, but didn’t want to disturb you guys. We hope & pray all goes well from here on, please g-d ! Glad you are feeling better today.
    Good ol chicken soup, works all the time, doesn’t it.
    It is sure quite an involved procedure, but it will be worth it. What’s the possibility of “twins”? Forgive my curiosity/ ignorance please.

    We love you guys. Wish you the best of luck. Lots of Love,
    Gram & Gramps

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