The retrieval

The retrieval yesterday went very well–the doctor got 15 eggs from my very bloated ovaries! The actual procedure was easy, as I was totally out for it, but the recovery has been a bit painful and uncomfortable, but improving. Unfortunately, the doctor said that it could take about a week for the ovaries to shrink back down. So, I still feel discomfort in my left side and a general feeling of swelling in my lower abdomen. But like I said, I’m improving and Tylenol and my heating pad do provide relief. As does my mom’s delicious chicken soup (you’re the best, mom!).

When I finally was out of recovery, it was clear that there was no way I could be comfortable in the waiting room during Tom’s procedure. I felt really bad leaving him, but Tom assured me that he would be fine as his procedure only required a nerve block, so my mom took me home. I still had a lot of trouble getting comfortable, but once I got some food in my system I was able to relax and fall asleep. Tom called to be picked up and gave me the good news–they were successful in getting enough to use (plus some to freeze)!! Tom’s recovery is going fine, but he took the day off today as well, which is good because he’s pretty out of if from the Tylenol with codeine.

I’m on a new regimen of meds:

Baby aspirin 1x per day–this helps with increasing blood flow to the uterus

Doxycycline 2x per day–antibiotic because of the procedure

Estrace 2x per day–hormone to get my body to think it’s pregnant

Progesterone in oil 1x per day (this is a shot in my butt)–hormone to get my body to think it’s pregnant

Progesterone capsule 1x per (the goes in my private parts where it dissolves)–hormone to get my body to think it’s pregnant

Would you believe I woke up this morning with a very healthy looking glow to my face?

And finally…the good news. Of the 15 eggs that were retrieved, 12 were mature enough to attempt fertilization and 6 actually fertilized. When we go in for the transfer (at 6:45am Sunday!) , the doctor and the embryologist will talk with us about the grade levels of the embies and give us a recommendation of how many we should transfer, though 3 would be the max.  We’ll also decide then if we have any that are good enough to freeze for future use.

Keep sending your good vibes!


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