Embryo Transfer

Yesterday’s transfer seemed to go well–the procedure was a lot easier than the egg retrieval. When we got there, Dr. Evans showed us a picture of all of our fertilized eggs and we got to keep the photo. Our first baby pix!!


We ended up with 5 viable embryos (you can see the second one from the left, on the top row, didn’t develop). The 3 on the left are the ones that were implanted and the 2 on the right we froze in case this cycle doesn’t work. In case you’re wondering…there’s a less than 5% chance that all the embryos will develop, so don’t start thinking triplets yet. Just please send all of your good vibes for one healthy baby.

Meanwhile, I’m still taking tons of hormones. My butt’s starting to feel sore from all of the shots and I might get other pregnancy symptoms from them, too. Hopefully it will all be worth it.

So mark your calendar: December 19th. That’s the date we’ll find out if yesterday’s embryo transfer succeeded.


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