Roscoe’s Graduation

Our little baby is growing up. On Saturday he graduated from his puppy education class.


He learned how to “watch me,”


to sit, and lay down


and other things like, leave it, take it, and he can shake your paw, too. After he passed all of his tests, he proudly wore his mortar board. dsc04952

He also posed by his new bumper sticker for his very proud parents.




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4 responses to “Roscoe’s Graduation

  1. Mom

    and proud grandparents too! He looks so grownup in his mortarboard. Oh, where does the time go??

  2. Yay, Roscoe!!! What a good boy!

  3. Meg

    He’s getting SO BIG! Congrats, he looks very smart. 🙂

    I believe I recall a tirade against bumper stickers, Dad, what gives?

  4. It’s actually a bumper magnet, so it’s not permanent.

    As for your dad, he said “Tirade? I don’t recall. One of the advantages of aging is that you don’t remember anything.”

    Sorry. 😉

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