I’m back…

…or should I say “we’re back” since I’m now three people in one?

I’m not exactly sure where to start or how to structure an entry that will cover the last 3-1/2 months, but I’ll try. I think I’ll try a quick summation and then move on because, frankly, things are way better now.

The first week of January we found out that we were, in fact, expecting triplets. Although we had three embryos implanted, the chance of all three taking was so low that it truly was a shock. A huge shock. Although it’s sad that the life of the third little embryo was over as fast as it had begun, I was relieved that it passed on its own, without us having to make a dreadful decision regarding selective reduction.

However, I still had the hormones of three developing embryos in my system and I became very sick–and this lasted until about a week ago (though today I am feeling a bit nauseous and hoping that everything stays down). I’m going to gloss over this section ‘cuz who wants to read about it. Suffice it to say, it was really gross and both physically and emotionally depleting and I’m glad the worst of that is behind me.(*fingers crossed*)

At the end of January, I “graduated” from HRC and made an appointment with my new ob/gyn, Dr. Jick. Just before my first appointment with Dr. Jick, I was sitting on the couch when all of a sudden I felt a gush of something come out of me. I went to the bathroom and was totally freaked out to see that the gush was lots of bright red blood.  Dr. Evans at HRC was able to see me (since I was not yet a patient of my new dr.). I was trying to keep calm and I couldn’t get a hold of Tom at school, so I had to drive myself. Now, it’s only a couple of miles, so it’s not a big deal. Still, I was crying and upset, but I made it there. They took me in right away and the ultrasound showed two strong heartbeats. Of course, an amazing relief. But they take the whole bleeding thing very seriously (and they’re not sure what caused the bleeding, btw), so I was put on bedrest for a week.  About a day before my bedrest was up, I started bleeding again, so I had to go back to bed for another week or so. But, again, the babies were fine, so everything turned out okay.

By this time, I started seeing Dr. Jick; he had me come in weekly because of the bleeding and how sick I was. It was great getting such attentive care and I loved seeing the babies every week. And there’s nothing so wonderful as hearing their little heartbeats. When I was about 13 weeks we learned that baby B was a little girl. However, baby A had her legs crossed so we didn’t find out she was a little girl until the following week.

Meanwhile, while all of this was going on, both Tom and I discovered our jobs were in jeopardy. I’m definitely going to gloss over this part, because it ends happily for both of us. For me, my advisor tried to kick me out of the program and take away my TA assignments. Luckily, the school was totally behind me and fought her on my behalf. We won on all counts–not only did she not succeed in kicking me out, she is no longer my advisor and I have a better TA assignment for this quarter. It took the entire quarter to get this situation worked out, which was stressful, but at least it worked out in my favor.  Of course, while this was going on, Tom’s school district announced they were going to proceed with layoffs because of the budget mess. We were both shocked that they had to make cuts so deep that they had to go back six years. I’m going to gloss over this–it’s tedious and stressful to think about. It wasn’t until Tuesday of this week that we learned that Tom’s job is totally secure.  Needless to say, however, while we were living through it, it had to be one of the scariest times of my life. I felt totally irresponsible for having a baby, let alone twins, given our situation.

At 18 weeks, Dr. Jick had me go see a perinatologist, because I’m high risk pregnancy (in that I’m 37 and carrying twins). So I went to see Dr. Bruce for an ultrasound and he recommended that we do amniocentesis because baby A had some markers for Down’s. He said her femur measurement was small (my saying that her daddy has short legs didn’t seem to appease him) and that her bowels showed up prominently on the ultrasound. So, Tom and I agreed to the amnio, even though there is a tiny risk of miscarriage from the procedure.

I had the procedure on April 1st, no joke, and it was a miserable experience. I almost fainted on the table, which is scary in and of itself, and he had a lot of trouble getting fluid from both sacs. Baby B is bigger, so he did her first. After he got fluid from her sac, he injected blue dye so that he could make sure when he got fluid from Baby A that it was hers, ’cause it wouldn’t be blue. Well, Baby A, being smaller and surrounded by all my fibroids, plus, she moves around a lot, was very difficult to get fluid from. And everytime we got fluid….guess what?….it was blue! So after an hour and a half of trying to stay calm and not faint, we ended the procedure. Dr. Bruce wasn’t sure if we got fluid from Baby A, which was distressing because that’s the one we most wanted the information about.

But all the details of the amnio were forgotten the next day when, once again, I was sitting on the couch and felt a gush come out. I went to the bathroom and was surprised, but not upset, to see watery blue liquid. I called Dr. Jick and was quite shocked that he wanted me to go straight to the hospital. But I still wasn’t freaked out, and figured I’d be sent home after I was checked out. But no. Dr. Jick was extremely worried, even though the girls looked fine on the u/s. If I kept leaking, I could go into labor and lose both babies because they’re still too young to be viable.  So he admitted me and put me on strict bedrest–no getting up to go to the bathroom. Luckily, the leak stopped and I was released the following Monday, 4/6 (just in time for my wonderful friend, Michelle, who came to visit on the 7th).

So, now, 10 days later, I’m fine, the babies are fine, are jobs our fine and now I can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy.  We got the results of the amnio yesteraday and both girls are fine!! I am feeling tired and uncomfortable–after all, I’m carrying twins–but at least they’re normal effects of pregnancy. And I’ve graduated to only seeing my dr. every two weeks, so things are definitely improving.I hope that the rest of my pregnancy will be as uncomplicated as the first half was difficult.

For those of you wondering about the doggies during all of this…here’s an update. Roscoe went to stay with Mom and Mike in January because I was just too sick to be able to take care of him. He is very happily settled there–he loves having the run of the house and the yard–and Mom and Mike have become very attached to him. As long as he’s happy and they’re happy, then we’re okay with it.  Oatie is still here with us, she’s was more low maintenance than Roscoe, though she’s reverted a little bit to some of her more annoying neuroses.

I’ll be updating more regularly again, so see you here soon! And thanks for reading such a long post!


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