Stupid Questions About Twins

I recently joined a group for twin moms. They’re a national organization with local chapters, they meet in person and also have online forums.  My local chapter has a thread on its forum on stupid questions people ask them about twins. Or just stupid things people say about twins. I laughed so hard when I read these, but I was also grateful to be prepared for the stupid things I’m going to hear, no doubt.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

How cute! Are they twins? (Duh) Are they both yours?

I was at Trader Joe’s one day and was approached by this little old lady. She asks “Are they both girls?” I tell her “No” and point to my son, all decked out in blue, and say “he is a boy”. She at this point shushed me and told me “Oh no! Those are girls!”

But my favorite so far was when one woman asked me “Are they fraternal twins or girls?”

I constantly get “are they identical?” after telling people that one’s a boy and one’s a girl.

Recently I got asked, “Are they identical or PATERNAL?”

This is like the above comment about “paternal” twins. My kids are boy/girl. The comment I got was this: They aren’t identical, so they must be maternal, right?”

I had someone ask me once if they were identical (b/g, one with black hair and other with light brown) I said no and she said I’m sorry, I thought they were twins.

While I was pregnant, the cashier at barnes and noble heard my daughter and i talking about the babies, and she said are you really pregnant with twins, and i said yes – get this – she says ‘are you going to keep them both?’

My 16-month-old girls are identical, which, of course immediately calls for the question “Which one’s the boy?” And yes, it’s almost always when they’re both in head-to-toe pink.

When our twin boys were a few days old, my husband’s aunt came over to see them. She, very seriously, said to us, “Well, it’s too bad that one isn’t a girl. Why don’t you just dress the smaller one up as a girl and then you could have a boy and a girl?”

When I was pregnant, I was shopping at Barnes and Noble shopping for a first year with twins book. When I asked for help I was told they didn’t have the books I was looking for. The cashier actually suggested I buy two copies of a book for just one baby. I must have had the dumbest look on my face when she said that… I was speechless! After a few moments I said “or I could just buy one and read it twice”.

Now when I tell people I am having twins, I often get the “well, at least you’re not having eight!” before the “wow, congratulations!” [This is true for me, too. Everyone makes an octomom comment.]



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2 responses to “Stupid Questions About Twins

  1. Meg

    My good friend has twins, Kevin and Sophia, and would like one more kid. She keeps getting the “why would you want another kid, you have one of each!” bit from folks, as if having one of each at the same time is the holy grail of family planning.

    She also got asked, BY A SCHOOL TEACHER (who hopefully has a degree?) if her children were identical.

    I love how stupid people are.

  2. Funny stuff. You’re going to have to collect all the comments you get and perform at my Stand Up Momedy Hour.

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