The Results Are In…

Baby A  has no chromosomal abnormalities!!

Now we want to manage the rest of the pregnancy so that we can try to deliver two healthy babies. It’s going to be difficult to determine how long they can stay in utero without causing any damage versus delivering them early.

As of now, 27 weeks + 4 days, Tom and I both feel it’s too early to deliver. Babies born at this age usually survive, but have lots of problems. However, since they’re both measuring so much smaller than this, their chances of survival are even less. My gut instinct tells me to keep them in for now and Tom agrees. I can feel both of them moving around and I swear my belly has popped even more in the last few days, so hopefully they’re in a growth spurt. We’ll just have to take this one day at a time.

It’s nice to have hope for both of the girls again. We’re not out of the woods–not by a long shot–but at least we know what we’re dealing with.

Keep sending us your thoughts and prayers…



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5 responses to “The Results Are In…

  1. Kathyrn Kemp Chociej

    Dear Heidi,
    What wonderful news! I am so happy and relieved for you.
    We’ll all keep thinking good thoughts here for your health and the health and safety of both of your precious girls.

  2. Meg


  3. This post just put a huge smile on my face. I’m so glad you received encouraging news.

  4. Adana

    Heidi!!! I just came across this post. Where have I been? Drowning in Grease, I suppose. I never told you, but my mom put out the prayer brigade for you and your daughters. You have my mom and a group of older ladies in Sylmar praying for you. They have friends in high places. My mom said, “I don’t know… Heidi comes to mind often, and I get a really good feeling about it. So we’ll see.” I’m just saying: She’s never been wrong. I love you!

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