Drama Babies

I’m a little reluctant to post this blog because I’m pretty tired of living through my own near-disasters, let alone writing about them. And I imagine reading about them is getting a little tiresome, too. But I want this blog to be a record of my pregnancy so I can hardly leave out this episode.

Yesterday, around 11:30am I was home alone and filling out the pre-registration form for the hospital (The irony of this is my favorite part of the story). My heart started pounding and I felt a bit warm so I lied down. After about 20 minutes, I felt okay so I got up to go the bathroom. But I was feeling bad again so I went back to lying down. I started feeling worse–I was drenched in sweat, my pulse was racing and I knew I was very close to blacking out. I called Tom and he came home right away. He took my blood pressure and it was 107/65, which is really low for me. He called the doctor’s office but they were out to lunch. So he called 911.

They were there instantly and after checking me out, they took me to the hospital. Yay. My third trip to the L&D triage unit. They hooked me up to fetal monitors and we all heard the babies’ heartbeats. I knew they were fine–it was me I was worried about!  My doctor came pretty quickly and said something about more drama as he walked in the room. I said that I have never been such a drama queen in my life. And he said it’s not you, it’s the babies: they’re drama babies.  After checking me out, he told me I was fine and that I could stay in the hospital overnight for observation if I wanted to.  I still felt like crap, but once my blood pressure went back up and had some oxygen, I knew I would be okay.  (Oh, and did I mention that I have an ear infection, too, so I got an antibiotic for that as well.)  So I went home, but didn’t start feeling better until much later in the evening.  The moral of the story: don’t lean over while pregnant. Doing so interrupted my blood flow, which triggered the near blackout. If I hadn’t lied down, I definitely would have blacked out.  Still, I can’t help but feeling like the boy who cried wolf.

Meanwhile, I had my regular doctor’s appointment last Thursday which I never reported on. The girls are both still growing but baby A still has absent diastolic blood flow. We think it’s still too soon to deliver, but we might start thinking differently at 30 weeks, which is only 1-1/2 weeks from now.  It’s almost certain that baby A will have to spend a lot of time in the NICU once she’s born, but I hope that eventually she will catch up and be a normal little girl.



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5 responses to “Drama Babies

  1. Meg

    See, every pregnancy book and article says to play it safe, call the doctor when in doubt, etc. Then when you do have a scare, and you do call, somehow you feel like a crazy hypochondriac anyway. When I fell on my stomach and got put in for the evening I never went from incredibly scared to incredibly embarrassed so quickly.

  2. Wow! You are not the boy who called wolf you are the mommy carrying twinkies. Please, even with all the drama you have gone through you are still no drama mama.

    And you have to keep posting because your adoring public wants to know how you are doing. It beats having to tell us all individually.

    I’m glad it wasn’t anything serious. You deserve a break.

  3. Kathyrn Kemp Chociej

    Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress. Nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Keeping taking care of yourself and following your instincts.
    I’m just glad you are okay.

  4. Lesley

    My MIL had fainting spells when she was pregnant with Chris and they were brought on by a specific action that I can’t remember now. At any rate, pregnancy does funky stuff to folks and I’m glad you are OK. I went to the ER while pregnant because I was having pain in my leg that wouldn’t go away and I was convinced it was a blood clot even though it had none of the symptoms. ALWAYS better to check things out and take care of yourself. The twinkies are lucky to have you.

  5. Adana

    Phew! Love you.

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