Back in the hospital

Blogging to you here from Huntington Hospital, PH (Perinatal High Risk) 9.

I’m not very surprised to be here. My blood pressure has been high all week and every time I sit up my head pounds, my ears throb, my vision blurs a bit and I get really hot. So when I went for my regularly scheduled appointment yesterday and my BP was 160/100, I didn’t blink an eye when the dr. told me he was admitting me. What did surprise me was that he said it was a possibility that I’d have a c-section that night. Yikes.

We went right away to L&D triage where it was a packed house. Of course, I got the crazy nurse who talked a mile a minute, knew everything, yet somehow managed to keep getting everything wrong. Eventually, I got my blood drawn. the babies were hooked up to the fetal monitor and attempts to set me up with an IV failed. Once the anesthesiologist set me up with the IV, they started me on magnesium sulfate drip which was totally miserable–it burned and ached going in, made me very hot and nauseous. But then we got good news…

My bloodwork numbers were only borderline pre-eclampsia so the babies can stay baking in the oven for now!! My dr. still admitted me, though, because he thinks my numbers will only get worse. So far my BP has been down since I got here but every time I sit up I can feel it shooting right back up. I am getting the steroid shots just in case I have to deliver soon. However, I’m probably in here for the long haul but there is a chance he’ll send me home on Monday, but on super strict bedrest.

Babies are doing fine–still small but growing. Baby A no longer has the cord wrapped around her neck but the cord blood flow is still not that great.

Vital Stats
BP: Down
Babies: In and Growing
Spirits: Up



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5 responses to “Back in the hospital

  1. Kathyrn Kemp Chociej

    Dear Heidi,
    You are handling everything so well. Hang in there!
    I love you and those little Twinkies! They are so lucky to have you as their mother.
    When all of this is behind you, and you have those sweet, precious girls in your arms, it will be worth it. I promise.
    Being a mother is the greatest joy I have ever known. You are almost there.
    Rest and be good to yourself.
    Sending love your way, tons of it!

  2. Magnesium sucks! Hand in there. You are almost at the end of this ordeal.

    Sending you much love.

  3. Hand in there? What was I thinking? I must have been having a flashback to my own birthing experience.

  4. Andrea markle


    I just caught up to your last 8 blogs (where have I been?!)…and I couldn’t stop tearing up over the news that both babies are growing. That is such spectacular news! I know you’re having a tough road, but it will truly be worth it. I am keeping good thoughts for you and the little ones. All my best…


  5. Donna

    I was concerned about you at your shower last Sunday-then to read this when I got home this Sunday! I haven’t heard anymore from your Mom so am hoping you are maintaining; this ordeal that you are experiencing is not the way most pregnancies are supposed to be. So sorry for all that you are going through.
    Love and prayers,

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