My heroes

Every time I go into the NICU, I’m amazed at how well my little girls are doing. They each weigh less than most of us would notice on a scale if we lost or gained that amount, yet they’re perfectly formed little beings. Their wills to live and thrive are beautiful to witness.

Today Kamryn was moved into nursery B, which is a slightly less intensive care nursery than the one she had been in. It’s also the same nursery Kenley is in so, along with it making it easier on us to visit them, it means she’s improving. Kamryn was taken off the CPAP machine yesterday but is still taking in a bit of oxygen as her lungs develop. All the doctors and nurses are really pleased with how both are doing.

They’re my heroes.



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3 responses to “My heroes

  1. Yay!! Go, Kamryn! (And Kenley too, of course!)

  2. Meg

    Thanks for the picture on the last post. Glad to hear they’re doing well. Go babies!

  3. They’re my heroes too. I’m so proud of those little girls and I’ve never even met them.

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