A good day in the NICU

Today was a wonderful day in the NICU. I went with my mom this morning and got to hold Kenley for 45 minutes. Tom and I went back after the shift change this evening and spent another couple of hours there. I got to change Kamryn’s diaper and Tom got to change Kenley’s. We were both a bit hesitant as they’re so unbelievably tiny, but changing a preemie’s diaper is pretty much like changing any other baby’s diaper, except that the diapers are teeny.

Both girls got their PICC lines today, so I’m eager to see how much they grow from this point on. Kamryn was also much better at digesting her food and Kenley gained another 10 grams. They’re both doing so well and I can’t wait to bring them home eventually.

Also, we had good luck with photos today. Kamryn had her eye mask off for a while and Kenley had both her eye mask off and feeding tube out so, of course, we took advantage. Introducing our baby girls…


Kamryn Reese

DSC05487Kenley Rachel



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5 responses to “A good day in the NICU

  1. Meg

    Aw, hello little cuties! Beautiful pictures, thank you!

  2. parentheticalstatement

    I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but they’re beautiful. It always amazing how teeny tiny preemies are. Congratulations again and I can’t wait to meet them.

  3. Heidi, they are just perfect!

  4. Hi, can’t wait to see Kamryn & Kenley again.
    Delighted with pix. They are so precious!
    This is a new experience for us seeing such
    tiny ones. Love you all. XO

  5. Grace

    Beautiful. Congratulations.

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