More improvements

Nothing but good news to report about the girls today.  Both are digesting their food really well; in fact, both of them are up to 6 CCs every 3 hours. Kamryn has orders to have her food upped by 1 CC every 12 hours (I’m not sure about Kenley).  Tonight when we walked in we noticed both of their Bili lights were off. This is another sign of improvement and it also means they don’t have to wear masks around their eyes anymore. It also means, however, that their incubators are kept very dark so it’s harder to take pictures of them. One of the nurses said of Kenley that she’s never seen a baby that small who didn’t need a ventilator or oxygen.  And she said of both of them that all they need to do is keep growing.

But let me gripe for a little bit…I never know what to expect each time I walk into the NICU. All of the nurses are highly trained and I’m indebted to them for what they do for our girls. However, how they encourage us to interact with our babies differs vastly among them all. Some of them are eager to have us do Cuddle Care, which is supposed to promote all sorts of healthy things for both the baby and the mother, including de-stressing them and helping them stabilize their heart and respiratory rates. Others think that anything that causes them stress, even the few moments from when they are picked up to when they relax into my chest, might cause them to burn too many calories. Some nurses want us to change diapers, take temperatures and do other things to involve us, while others want us to just stare at them.  It’s just so frustrating to not know until we walk into the NICU what sort of experience we’ll have.  And because there are a hundred nurses in the NICU and they all rotate, we really don’t know which nurse we’re going to get each shift. Today was particularly hard for me because we had two nurses in a row who basically told us not even to touch our children because we will stress them out.  It’s unbelievably hard for me to have carried them around for so long to then be told that all I can do is peek at them through their incubators.

As for my recovery, I can honestly say that I’m starting to feel better.  The swelling in my legs is going down, though my ankles and feet still have a long way to go. I’m still hobbling around but every day I’m slightly less gimpy than the previous one.  And, the breastmilk situation is actually going really well.  After such a tumultous pregnancy, it’s a relief to have no problems producing milk.  I’m doing so well that the NICU has told us they have no more room for my bottles and that I’ll have to start storing at home. This is after less than a week of pumping! Yay me.


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  1. That’s awesome Heidi. I was never able to get my milk production up as much as necessary so I’ve had to supplement. It’s wonderful that you are doing so well on that front.

    Now for my unsolicited opinion. Nurses are wonderful, but not consistent. In the end, they are your babies and if you want to hold them for a wee bit I really don’t think you are going to damage them. They will get all sorts of oxytocin just from being in the arms of their loving mama. Oh and you need the oxytocin too. Just remember you get a say in all of this and maybe the girlies would like some consistency too. They want to smell you not some nurse. Anyway you ge a big say in it so consider what you want and get it.

    I live for these updates. Thank you. Happy 4th!

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