Still gaining

Just a quick update…

Kamryn gained a whopping 75 grams and now weighs 1258 grams, about 2 lbs, 12.5 oz. Kenley gained 5 grams, so she totals about 1 lb, 11.5 oz.  I’m just so happy that both of them are gaining weight!!

Once again Tom and I played active roles when visiting the babies today. I had about 20 minutes of Cuddle Care with each of them, and we each changed diapers, took temperatures and helped weigh them.  All in all, as Tom said, for having our babies in the NICU, it was a nice weekend. We can’t wait to bring them home, of course, but we know they’re doing well and are moving in the right direction. What more could we ask for at this point?

And for me, today was the first day that I haven’t used the wheelchair to get from the hospital entrance to the NICU and back.  I still have swelling in my feet and ankles and I have some pain around my incision, but it gets better every day.  It’s so emotionally satisfying to experience my own physical healing and to watch the babies grow and thrive–it’s helping me to put my pregnancy into the past and to move out of the constant traumatic state that I was in during it.  Woohoo.



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2 responses to “Still gaining

  1. Meg

    Woo! Go babies! Ah, the only time in your life when you’re expected and encouraged to gain, gain, gain…and you never even remember it.

    Hope you’re feeling better every day.

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