Things in the NICU seem to be going along as expected–some days good, some days not. Right now Kamryn is still struggling with air in her belly and she may have an infection in her bowel. If not caught early this infection can be very serious, but the doctors are testing her every 12 hours to see if it’s an infection. So far it’s not, but if there’s any sign of one they’ll put her on antibiotics so as to kill it off before it gets serious. She still isn’t being fed milk or formula and is only getting her nutrition from the TPN and lipids through the PICC line. Here’s a picture of me holding her on Tuesday:



Kenley still continues to do well and amazes everyone. Tom and I now participate regularly in changing their diapers, taking their temperatures and in general find ourselves doing more to care for them while we’re there.  Today I got to give Kenley a sponge bath! Here’s a picture from tonight–can you believe someone so tiny seems so alert?



Also, we had an unusual gift waiting for us when we returned to the NICU tonight.  A nice couple whose boy was born with spina bifada was in the bed next to Kenley.  Though they were only next to us a couple of days, we always said hello and exchange pleasantries with one another. Anyway, they were discharged this afternoon and left the following gifts for me:

"Friday Night Lights"

"Friday Night Lights"

"Find your inner peace"

"Find your inner peace"


"Mazel Tov on your twins. I hope they develop well and are ready to come home quickly, and bring you alot nachas. I thought you might consider doing the mitzvah of lighting candles friday night. It brings alot of blessing to your home."

I knew they were Chabad but had no idea he was a rabbi.  More importantly, how did he know that I’m Jewish? I’m the only one he left the gift for even though I know they talked with the other parents in the area. Nonetheless, it was a very nice gift–thoughtful without being intrusive.



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4 responses to “Gifts

  1. Donna

    Sorry to hear of Kamryn’s difficulties and hope they can be resolved soon. Yes, Kenley does look like she’s smiling!
    What are their weights now?
    Happy Birthday to you-this will be a special one to remember.
    Be well, Donna

    • Kenley weight tonight was 825 grams. I don’t know Kamryn’s because I don’t want to obsess about it while she’s having digestion issues–I figured she’s either maintaining or losing since she isn’t eating.

      Thanks for the b-day wishes!

  2. Donna

    Oops, forgot to mention the rabbi. Your mom mentioned Mike meeting him and saying “Mazel Tov”. What a lovely gift for you; how thoughtful of them as they are going through their own difficulties with their baby.

  3. What a sweet and thoughtful gift.

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